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TV Host Bob Barker to Guest Host ''Animal Radio''
RADIO ONLINE | Thursday, February 16, 2017 | 12:57pm CT

Legendary TV host and animal activist Bob Barker will guest host the pet talk program " Animal Radio" on February 25. Barker may be best remembered for his "Spay and Neuter" messages at the end of "The Price is Right," but many also know the 93 year-old television icon as a loud proponent towards the elimination of performing animals, including elephants, as he was instrumental in shuttering Ringling Bros. Circus. He has spent many thousands of dollars to rescue elephants and transport them to sanctuaries.

Barker is now saving orphan bears shot by hunters. "I was on the National Rifle Associations 'enemy list,'" saids Barker. "I'm no way opposed to guns, I sleep with a 45 next to my bed, but I don't want to go out and kill animals."

"This marks the most-frequent guest host on Animal Radio," added co-host Hal Abrams. "Bob joins us for the 15th time in as many years. He's always a breath of fresh air and honesty."

Bob Barker's guest spot can be heard on this special national broadcast February 25th, and rebroadcast on the 26th, on 133 affiliate outlets, including flagship KOST-FM/Los Angeles.

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