WWO Highlights Takeaways from 2019 ANA Masters of Marketing

Westwood One
Westwood One

A Westwood One blog post this week highlights key takeaways from the 2019 ANA Masters of Marketing conference that took place last week in Orlando, FL. Thousands were in attendance to hear from the Chief Marketing Officers of some of the most respected and innovative brands. Three hot topics that had everyone talking were audio, brand building and the power of emotion. The following were some of the key highlights:

Audio is a top priority for American marketers
Podcasts, smart speakers, and voice search are fueling this trend: Accenture Interactive observed, "Forward-looking CMOs recognize the growing potential of audio and interactive voice as a dominant medium, elevating the importance of determining smart marketing strategies that can deliver brand messaging without a screen."

Emotion is important
Creative builds brands, so it needs to speak to the heart: Bank of America, SAP, Ally Financial, and Anheuser-Busch were just a few of the brands that spoke of the importance of making people care and appealing to consumers through emotions.

Major brands like P&G are using AM/FM radio to supplement digital and make their TV better
Marketers and agencies were amazed to learn that P&G is now America's fifth-biggest advertiser on American AM/FM radio after being absent from AM/FM radio for decades.

Revenue and profit growth come from building brands rather than touting discounts and deals
Binet and Field research showing that emotional creative builds brands more strongly than rational campaigns was backed up by brands like Pearle Vision, a retailer that had lost its way by focusing on sales activation discounts.

Used properly, data can be used to tell stories that resonate with consumers
Understanding consumer stories through data, like Walmart and Kroger are doing through grocery shopping data, can help brands find the right audience and connect media to sales effect.


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