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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Public Notices

Released: 2019-06-18. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-358013A1

Released: 2019-06-18. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-358012A1

Report No: 49510. Released: 2019-06-18. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-357999A1

Released: 2019-06-18. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-358011A1

Report No: 29510. Released: 2019-06-18. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-358000A1

Released: 2019-06-18. ENFORCEMENT BUREAU TO CONDUCT SECOND SET OF EEO AUDITS. (DA No. 19-570). Enforcement Bureau has sent out the second set of 2019 Equal Employment Opportunity Audit Letters To Randomly Selected Radio Stations. EB. Contact: Lewis Pulley at (202) 418-1450. DA-19-570A1


Released: 2019-06-17. WIRELINE COMPETITION BUREAU ANNOUNCES THE NEXT NATIONAL LIFELINE ELIGIBILITY VERIFIER LAUNCH IN ELEVEN STATES. (DA No. 19-569). (Dkt No 11-42). WCB. Contact: Allison Jones at (202) 418-1571. DA-19-569A1


IN THE MATTER OF DAVID S. LARSEN, SR., HIGHLAND PARK, NEW JERSEY. Resolves EB investigation regarding Mr. Larsen's unauthorized radio transmissions on public safety radio system. Action by: Chief, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 2019-06-18 by Order/Consent Decree. (DA No. 19-541). EB. DA-19-541A1

ERRATUM - RURAL CALL COMPLETION. Issued an Erratum correcting Fourth Report and Order (Fourth RCC Order), FCC 19-23, released March 15, 2019. (Dkt No 13-39). Action by: Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau and Managing Director, Office of Managing Director. by ERRATUM. OMD WCB. DOC-358007A1.docx DOC-358007A1


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Celebrity Page TV: Radio and TV personality Sam Alex hosted a Celebrity Kickball Game at CMA Fest to promote the #GetCaughtrReading campaign. Pictured with Warner Music Nashville artist William Michael Morgan who donated a book to the cause.