BIA Debuts First Radio Version of BIA ADVantage Platform


BIA Advisory Services has announced that local radio market forecasts are now available in its data platform, BIA ADVantage, along with details on local television. BIA ADVantage delivers online access to the firm's local market estimates and forecast data, along with insights and analytics on local traditional and digital advertising. BIA ADVantage offers a forecast for all 268 radio and 210 television markets. The dashboard includes access to both current, historical, and forward-looking forecasts, as well as local market profiles and competitive intelligence updated on a weekly and quarterly basis.

"In today's fluctuating media marketplace, it's vital for radio executives, owners and operators to have a complete understanding of the revenue opportunities and the competition in their market," said BIA Advisory Services CEO/Founder Tom Buono. "Our forecasts deliver insights and analytics for both traditional and digital media channels and 94 business categories to give our clients the opportunity to assess their total local advertising opportunities. Now, we are pleased to offer our local radio forecasts in our BIA ADVantage platform where they can be easily viewed, downloaded and used for effective budgeting and selling."

Initially launched in 2017 for local television markets, BIA ADVantage has both traditional and digital media clients, as well as advertising agency subscribers. Media executives use the platform to track activities, ratings, revenue and competition in local markets, and local sales executives build vertical-based budgets using the 2019 forecasts to identify potential revenue.

BIA ADVantage's digital platform data offers includes:

  • Local market & nationwide ad spend for current year and through 2022
  • Estimates and forecast for 16 media platforms, including 8 traditional and 8 digital media
  • Ad spend for 12 verticals and 94 business categories
  • Digital ad spend in local radio and TV markets, with the estimated advertising for Google, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Bing, Pandora, etc.
  • Investing in Radio and Investing in TV information
  • Proprietary survey of local media advertisers
  • Interactive Broadcasting & Newspaper Database (MEDIA Access Pro)
  • Nielsen Audio share trends for radio and comScore share trends for seven TV dayparts
  • Quarterly analyst briefings

More information can be found on the company's website at www.bia.com.


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