Lee's SpotQ to Partner with KMG Networks for Spot Testing

SpotQ and KMG Networks, a division of Krantz Media Group, announces a partnership to bring the feedback system provided by Sensory Logic by SpotQ, to qualifying radio groups, market clusters and radio stations. Advertising sales will be handled by Premiere Networks. Sensory Logic is a patented, proprietary feedback system that ensures effective radio commercials. Sensory Logic by SpotQ is the brainchild of Jerry Lee, a veteran broadcaster, and a vocal advocate for better creative in local radio.

Sensory Logic offers emotional insights based on 20 years of market research experience for over 50% of the world's top 100 consumer oriented companies. Its facial coding method captures and quantifies consumers' emotional response to creative, and has resulted in a checklist that can guide copywriters to stronger radio scripts.

"In addition, Dan Hill the Founder of Sensory Logic has created a webinar called WriteToEngage.com, that within 30 minutes teaches the copywriter the 18 principles of writing engaging commercials," commented SpotQ CEO Jerry Lee. "Plus, I am delighted that Gary Krantz and KMG are now offering this service on a barter basis."

"Jerry and I have worked together for years as the long-term owner of WBEB-FM. Two years ago, we formed a partnership with (KMG current client) Studio Center," said KMG Founder/CEO Gary Krantz. "I've watched him personally apply his intelligence, passion and resources to improve the level of commercial creative for the radio industry and our clients. I have never seen anyone at his level work so hard and take so many risks. We are honored to work with Jerry and his team to bring the most effective and engaging commercial creative to our industry."


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