WNRG (Energy 106.9) Milwaukee Adds ''Tino Cochino Show''

Tino Cochino
Tino Cochino

WNRG (Energy 106.9) Milwaukee welcomes the "Tino Cochino Radio Show" to afternoons, weekdays from 3-7pm. TCR originates out of KKFR Phoenix and currently reaches over three dozen affiliates. The veteran show host delivers irreverent entertainment along with his cast members Raquel and Nicasio. The show covers life issues, dating, pop culture and the topics that appeal to young adults.

General Manager Annmarie Topel stated, "We knew within a few minutes of listening, that the show could be a difference maker. I'm confident it will strike a nerve with the Energy 106.9 audience and make its mark on Milwaukee radio." Tino Cochino comments, "I've been ready for Milwaukee. The team and I are beyond excited to create great radio for Energy 106.9."

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