Introducing Federal News Network

FederalNewsRadio.com and 1500 AM/Washington DC is changing to Federal News Network, a move aimed at highlighting its many distribution platforms and channels including on-air, online, podcasts, video and more.

Federal News Network continues to be the go-to source for the day's federal news and information just as the radio signal, 1500AM, remains a vibrant and vital aspect for the Washington Metropolitan Area federal listener.

"Our reporters, editors, radio hosts and producers will continue to find and share the most important news of the day across all platforms, making Federal News Network a great meeting place for thought-leaders to have conversations, share ideas and discuss topics meaningful to the federal workforce," said Lisa Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief.

"The news business is constantly in a state of upheaval and opportunity. We understand that today more than ever, our audience wants to listen, read and watch on multiple platforms and when it's convenient for them," said Joel Oxley, senior vice president and general manager. "Our name change recognizes that landscape and we are pleased to meet our audience where they want and need our valuable news."


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