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Herman Cain Show Debuts Today
RADIO ONLINE | Monday, January 21, 2013 | 8:59am CT

With Neal Boortz' final radio show now in the bag, Dial Global debut's Boortz' replacement in The Herman Cain Show on over 80 affiliates today (1/21/13). Cain is of course the former CEO of the Godfather's Pizza chain and famously ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 until he ended his campaign amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Cain has been a frequent sub for Boortz over the years and hosted his own show on WSB-AM/WSSB in Atlanta -- Boortz' flagship station. Dial Global Senior VP/GM, News & Talk Amy Bolton said, "A true American success story, Herman Cain came from humble beginnings, had a vision, worked hard and became a successful businessman, presidential candidate and now Talk Radio phenomenon. Known for his no-nonsense style and ability to connect with everyday Americans, Herman Cain promises to deliver great radio. Dial Global is thrilled to partner with Cox Media Group and Herman as we launch the next Talk Radio Star."

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