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Parker Hillis Named Brand Manager for KILT-AM/Houston

Parker Hillis
Parker Hillis

Parker Hillis is named Brand Manager of Audacy's KILT-AM (Sports Radio 610) in Houston, effective June 6. Hillis joins KILT after previously serving as Assistant Program Director of Bonneville's KKFN-FM (104.3 The Fan) in Denver, a role he'd held since January 2022. He joined Bonneville in April, 2019 as executive producer. This move marks Hillis' second stint with Audacy as he previously served in a variety of producer roles for KRLD (105.3 The Fan) in Dallas from 2014 to 2019, including the station's flagship coverage of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers.

"Parker is a rising star," said Audacy Houston Senior Vice President and Market Manager Sarah Frazier. "He has impressed us since day one with his innovative ideas, focus on talent coaching and work ethic. We're thrilled to have him join our Audacy team."

"I'm excited to join the Sports Radio 610 team in Houston," added Hillis. "The opportunity to direct and grow an already incredible Audacy brand is truly an honor."

Top Honors Presented at the 47th Annual Gracie Awards

47th Annual Gracie Awards
47th Annual Gracie Awards

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation presented the 47th Annual Gracie Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Hosted by Holly Robinson Peete, the awards recognized exemplary programming created by women, for women and about women in all facets of media and entertainment. Ava Duvernay, Jillian Mercado, Tamron Hall and Pose received top honors during the ceremony.

Highlights from the awards include:

  • Actress Jillian Mercado received the Gracie Award for her role in the Showtime drama The L Word: Generation Q, which she dedicated to the millions of people with disabilities who want to see physical manifestations of themselves on screen. In a heartfelt speech she said, "It was hard to imagine that as a young disabled Latina, I would ever be on this stage with you all winning this award for Actress in a Breakthrough Role. My mind can't honestly compute what is happening but I am so beyond thankful and grateful to be here." She continued, "opportunities are far and few in between for the disabled community. We must do better."

  • Tamron Hall accepted the Gracie Award for "Best On-Air Talent." In her acceptance speech, she spoke about the importance of seeing diverse role models on screen and noted her appreciation for trailblazers like Carole Simpson, Robin Roberts, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, Linsey Davis. Hall concluded her speech by addressing the Texas elementary school tragedy, saying. "You don't have to be a parent to understand pain, you don't have to be a mom to understand loss, but you have to be a human to open your eyes and to see that none of us should rest easy tonight because too many tonight won't be able to say goodnight."

  • Award-winning writer, director and producer Ava DuVernay accepted the award for "Best Family Series" for her first unscripted television series Home Sweet Home that sends powerful messages about inclusion and acceptance, and used the platform to encourage empathy after today's Texas elementary school tragedy. "It's so important to tell these [types of] stories because the stories that we tell each other matter. If we can tell stories that allow us to see each other in ways that we truly are our most intimate spaces, maybe we would safeguard so that there were not shootings, mass shootings. If we could just see each other, understand each other, have empathy for each other... . See each other," DuVernay pressed, "and let's be kind and better to each other. Storytelling can do that."

  • POSE was honored with the Grand Award for Drama. Actor Our Lady J took the stage to accept the award from Medalion Rahimi. "Thank you for tuning in to laugh with us, and not at us, as trans women continue to be the butt of jokes today," she said. "We're at a very volatile moment and a very sensitive and delicate moment for the trans community and for the world at whole. We know that we can go backwards in time and it's organizations, and thanks to allyships of every person in this room tonight that hopefully we won't go back in time."

  • Actress Nasim Pedrad accepted the award for "Best Actress in a Breakthrough Role in Comedy '' for CHAD, for which she is also creator, writer, executive producer and showrunner. She thanked the Alliance for Women in Media and her parents, saying, "Mom, I can't think of anything less exciting for immigrant parents than to find out your daughter wants a career in improv, but you always encouraged me to follow my heart and do what makes me happy."

  • Rose McIver presented the award for "Best Actress in Leading Role Drama" to Melanie Lynskey for her character in Showtime's acclaimed new series Yellowjackets. In her acceptance speech, Melanie joked, "It's amazing to be 45 years old in a size 12... and be playing the sexiest, most interesting, most fun role of my entire career. I never thought it was going to get better, but it did."

  • Medha Gandhi awarded "Co-host Radio Nationally Syndicated said, "I was often told by the higher ups in this industry that I was too different, too much of a tomboy, too nerdy, too outspoken, and not QUITE blonde enough to advance in this business. But, thanks to a few guardian angels who had some faith in me, here we are."

  • "We all benefit from standing on the shoulders of the successful women who have been honored before us on this Gracie stage," a highlight of the show from Ellen K, receiving Weekend Host/Personality Entertainment.

Singer-songwriter Christina Perri unveiled her baby bump for the first time on the red carpet and then performed during the show. She opened the gala with a special performance of her chart-topping single "A Thousand Years." Later in the evening she returned to the stage to perform "Evergone," a deeply personal song off of her new album about the loss of her daughter.

Additional winners, presenters and notable attendees included Dana Cortez, Brie and Nikki Bella, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Sheinelle Jones, Bethany Joy Lenz, Shannon Thornton, Sarah Thomas, Angelica Vale, Zach Sang, Ashley Williams, Mimi Rogers, the Mathis family, Deon Cole and more.

To view the complete list of winners, their work and acceptance speeches, visit allwomeninmedia.org.

How Many Shows Reach Majority of All Podcast Listeners

Edison Research
Edison Research

According to Edison Research, the immense number of existing podcasts and the saturation within the market, without question, is one of the most popular conversations ongoing in the industry. For an advertiser aiming to reach a large number of people -- choosing where to launch their boat in this sea of two million or so existing podcasts can be quite intimidating.

Last week, using Edison Podcast Metrics data, the firm looked at the "long tail" of podcast listening, and noted that the "big hits" of the medium account for a large portion of all listening. The metrics can also provide a roadmap and answer the important question: where on this tail should one advertise? For the advertiser looking for reach, a surprisingly small number of the total shows -- those at the top of the charts -- can get one's message to a surprisingly large portion of all podcast listeners.

So, how much reach can a brand can achieve among weekly podcast listeners if that brand were just to buy these 'biggest shows?' As the following graphic demonstrates, if one were to simply buy the top ten biggest shows in podcasting an advertiser would be reaching one-third of all weekly podcast listeners. Expand the buy to the top 25 shows, and one is pushing close to half.

Just the top 100 shows combined are reaching six-in-ten weekly podcast listeners, and if one could buy all of the top 1,000 podcasts, 82% of all weekly podcast listeners would be exposed to the advertisement.

This access to 82% of the weekly podcast audience (more than 50 million Americans) is not only composed of shows from big-name networks, but independently operated ones too, such as Escuela de Nada (#707).

The company says, at this point, you can turn the numbers inside out -- buying every single one of the remaining podcasts beyond the top 1,000 will achieve an additional 18% reach.

This doesn't necessarily mean advertisers should ignore any podcast that falls below the top 1000. The 18% of the audience that is not reachable by the top 1,000 podcasts amount to millions of people accessible only by tapping into the shows beyond the top 1,000. Not to mention, these shows with smaller audiences are very useful in targeting specific types of listeners that align with specific types of brands.


WGN Morning Host Bob Sirott to Receive 2022 Dante Award

Bob Sirott
Bob Sirott

WGN-AM/Chicago morning drive host and broadcast television and radio legend Bob Sirott will receive the Dante Award from the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans (JCCIA) at a luncheon on Thursday, May 26. Since its inception in 1971, more than 40 Chicago journalists have received the Dante Award, which recognizes media professionals who pursue truth in their work.

"Looking at the long, impressive list of previous Dante Award winners, it makes me realize that the highly respected selection committee who decides who gets this award realized they had given this to every media person in Chicago except me. They simply ran out of names," said Sirott.

SME's Global Podcast Division Launches ''The Binge''

The Binge
The Binge

Sony Music Entertainment's (SME) Global Podcast Division launches "The Binge," a first of its kind subscription channel providing fans with binge-access to full seasons of new podcasts each month from across SME's slate. Beginning Monday June 6, listeners can subscribe to "The Binge" on Apple Podcasts to access full seasons of two new original podcasts, "Witnessed: Friendly Fire" and "Fringe Network: Alien State," as well as a catalog of SME shows.

Developed to provide listeners with control of their listening experience and serve audiences ready for premium, bingeworthy shows, "The Binge" bundles some of the best podcasts from SME's network of creators and provides fans with at least one brand new binge-listen every month from storytellers and journalists. Each new show launch will offer subscribers the chance to listen to all episodes ad-free, all at once. In addition, the channel will also include ad-free access to library content from SME series including "Chameleon," "Death at the Wing," "Firebug," "The Doodler," "The Just Enough Family" and "Witnessed: Borderlands."

"We have been early believers in the power of subscription to drive the podcast industry forward and we see the demand and behavior of binge-listening across our network continuing to grow, similar to how it has across other forms of media," said SME Senior Vice President of Podcast Business Development and Operations Emily Rasekh. "With The Binge, we are building our offering based on those listening habits and delivering an unprecedented, new destination for listeners all around the world to get what they want, when they want it."

Focusrite Teams With Global Podcast Platform Acast

Acast and Focusrite
Acast and Focusrite

Focusrite, an audio interface manufacturer, teased its plans at The Podcast Show 2022 to team up with Acast. The companies will collaborate on forthcoming projects designed to better serve their mutual podcaster audiences. The project -- more details of which will be announced early next month -- will provide podcasters with access to the best technology and innovation from the two audio firms.

Focusrite has served a customer base of professional, commercial and hobbyist creators for more than three decades with its best-selling audio interfaces. Used by recording musicians, producers and podcasters alike, Focusrite interfaces provide the high-quality production of recorded sound whilst making creators' access to recording tech as easy as possible. Now, with Acast, they aim to keep creators at the heart of future product development.

Focusrite Head of Brand and Marketing Nicholas Howlett commented, "Focusrite puts creators' needs at the forefront of every decision we make -- an ethos we share with Acast. By bringing our two brands together, we're learning how to better serve our customers and ultimately see more creators empowered to share their stories. This partnership will see more podcasters -- and more podcasts -- emerging with better quality audio than ever before."

Acast Global Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Marie Abesamis added, "Acast wants to make it as easy as possible for anyone who has a voice to start their own podcast. Focusrite produces some of the best audio tech around, so partnering with them helps give our podcasters access to even more of the tools they need for success."

SBS Elevates Elisa Torres to Chief Network Officer

Elisa Torres
Elisa Torres

Spanish Broadcasting System promotes Elisa Torres to Chief Network Officer/Executive VP for Aire Radio Networks and SBS National. Torres, the first female executive to hold a Chief position at SBS, will continue to oversee AIRE Radio Networks and spearhead the advancement of all network and national audio sales and marketing solutions. She was elevated to EVP in 2017 and initially joined SBS in 2013 to lead the establishment of AIRE Radio Networks and its syndication efforts.

Prior to joining AIRE Radio Networks and SBS, Torres played a role in establishing and developing some of the first Spanish Language audio networks in the country. She started her career with Caracol Radio and worked her way up to be an executive with Cumulus Media, formally ABC Radio Networks, where she launched ABC Radio Networks en Espanol and ESPN Deportes, the first Spanish Language sports network.

"Elisa has played an instrumental role in the creation, growth and development of Aire Radio Networks and our SBS national audio divisions," said SBS Chairman Raul Alarcon Jr. "Her transformational leadership combined with her tenacity to develop innovative partnership solutions and strategies has resulted in significant year-over-year revenue growth for our company. We are excited to have her at the helm of our continued advancement."

"The growth and success of Aire Radio Networks over the past ten years is a testament of Elisa's unique entrepreneurial ability to build audio vehicles that effectively reach and culturally engage Hispanic consumers across the country," added President and COO Albert Rodriguez. "From developing revenue-generating cross-platform solutions to overseeing one of our most successful operations, we couldn't be more proud to announce Elisa as the first female chief in SBS history."

"It's one of my greatest honors to work with the largest minority owned and certified Spanish Language multimedia company in the nation," said Torres. "I'm extremely grateful for the trust and commitment I've received from Raul, Albert and the SBS family for allowing me the opportunity to build a network that delivers on my passion to empower and inspire the Latino community."

FCC Denies Extension of FM Booster Comment Deadline

Federal Communications Commission
Federal Communications Commission

The Federal Communications Commission has denied a joint request by NAB and NPR for a two-week extension of the comment deadline in a proceeding on FM broadcast booster stations. The Extension Request asserted that NPR's and NAB's technical experts require additional time to analyze the "voluminous technical material" that GeoBroadcast Solutions (GBS) filed and that problems locating information in the Commission's electronic databases have slowed their review.

On May 19, GBS filed an opposition to request for an extension. GBS noted that it filed its most recent test report on March 30, 2022, and that the public has had ample opportunity to analyze its test results.

The agency found that NPR and NAB have not shown good cause in the Extension Request and that the public interest will be best served by expeditious review of the GeoBroadcast test reports and other material in the record.

In a statement, NAB Chief Legal Officer Rick Kaplan wrote, "The FCC's denial of NAB and NPR's two-week extension request is both surprising and disappointing, especially since the Commission has provided numerous extensions to GBS totaling over two years in length. We are not aware of a situation where the FCC has denied such a reasonable request, especially in a technical proceeding where documents were not readily available for examination. NAB sincerely hopes the FCC will read the comments submitted carefully and thoughtfully and not rush to judgment on an issue that presents such significant concerns for the broadcast radio industry."


Jose Andres to Receive Service to America Leadership Award

Jose Andres (credit: Josh Telles)
Jose Andres (credit: Josh Telles)

The National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation (NABLF) will present esteemed chef and humanitarian Jose Andres with the Service to America Leadership Award, the Foundation's highest individual honor. The award, which honors an individual's commitment to advocacy and public service, will be presented during the Celebration of Service to America Awards on June 7 at The Anthem in Washington, DC.

Andres is highly acclaimed globally for his avant-garde cuisine served through his restaurant collective, ThinkFoodGroup. Twice honored in Time Magazine's "100 Most Influential People" and a New York Times best-selling author, Andres was awarded by President Barack Obama in 2015 the National Humanities Medal, which honors individuals or groups whose work has deepened the nation's understanding of the humanities. In 2021 Andres launched Jose Andres Media, which will produce unscripted and scripted television series, books, podcasts, and digital content with a focus on stories about the power of food.

Through his non-profit, World Central Kitchen (WCK), Andres leads humanitarian efforts to feed communities in need and reduce food insecurity during times of crisis. Andres and his team have served fresh meals to those affected by man-made and natural disasters across six continents, including serving over 3.6 million meals to those affected in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Most recently, WCK partnered with local leaders, farmers and restaurants to help those experiencing food insecurity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and laying the foundation for smarter national food policy. Andres and WCK have been on the ground in Ukraine cooking nonstop since late February, where they have served nearly 30 million meals.

Andres' groundbreaking work with WCK is also the focus of the upcoming documentary film "We Feed People." Produced by National Geographic and directed by Academy Award-winner Ron Howard, the film will premiere on Disney Plus on May 27.

"Jose Andres is a culinary trailblazer, not only in the kitchen but through his dedication to feeding people and communities in need around the world," said NABLF President Michelle Duke. "When disaster strikes, the World Central Kitchen has stepped in to ensure communities have the strength to rebuild and that no one goes hungry. NABLF is honored to celebrate Andres' devotion to combatting food insecurity with the Service to America Leadership Award."

Previous recipients of the Service to America Leadership Award include "Hamilton" creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda, award-winning-artist John Legend, multi-platform country music star Sara Evans and Grammy-winning musician Jon Bon Jovi.

For more information about the awards and event, visit servicetoamericaawards.org.

Former NFL QB Sean Salisbury Launches New Show on Bleav

Sean Salisbury
Sean Salisbury

Bleav (pronounced believe) announces the launch of former NFL quarterback and number one recruit Sean Salisbury's new show "The Sean Salisbury Show" as part of its sports and lifestyle content. The new program will feature insight and access from Salisbury on the recruitment process, the NFL Draft, NIL and all sports topics. He joins over 150 professional athletes that host shows with Bleav and brings media experience spanning ESPN, ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago, SB Nation Radio and KBME (Sportstalk 790)/Houston.

Salisbury said, "I am thrilled to join the Bleav Network. I am very excited to be part of the incredible talent at Bleav. It's an honor to be part of an expanding and powerful group that brings so many different opinions and insights. My passion for football and an unfiltered opinion can bring another strong voice to a great group."

Bleav CEO Bron Heussenstamm added, "Sean's a legend in football and hosting at every level. We're excited to work with him and provide football fans his incredible insight. Fight on."

Costa Media to Acquire WFAX/Washington DC for $800K

Media Services Group
Media Services Group

Costa Media Boston LLC has agreed to acquire Christian WFAX-AM (1220 kHz), licensed to Fairfax, VA, and its FM translator W264BD, from Newcomb Broadcasting Corporation. Both serve the Washington, DC metro area. The total purchase price is $800,000.

The buyer, Costa Media, is an Hispanic-focused media and marketing company which also operates broadcast properties in the Boston market. Costa Media is headed by Jose M. Villafane. This is their first entry into the Washington, DC market.

Seller Newcomb Broadcasting Corp, headed by Doris Newcomb, exits station ownership with this sale.

Eddie Esserman of the St. Simons Island office of Media Services Group served as the broker representing the seller.

SportsMap Radio Adds ''The Rundown with Jeff Michael''

SportsMap Radio Network
SportsMap Radio Network

SportsMap Radio Network adds "The Rundown with Jeff Michael," set to debut on June 6 at 11am ET. The Sports/Talk program features Jeff Michael, who has created numerous podcasts. He has also been a part-time host on SportsMap Radio since 2020.

"Sports talk radio always meant the world to me," said Michael. "Having an opportunity to reach such a large national audience is something I do not take lightly. While I'm so grateful for the opportunity, my focus will always be on creating captivating and informative content."

"Jeff Michael is an outstanding host," added Gow Media CEO David Gow. "I feel this is a perfect format for Jeff to excel. From listening to fill-in appearances, you can tell he has tremendous command of his audience. You cannot easily teach what Jeff Michael already possesses."


SiriusXM to Carry Indianapolis 500 Live on May 29


SiriusXM, which airs live broadcasts of every NTT Indycar Series race, announced plans for the 106th running of the Indianapolis 500. Listeners will have access to the live call of the race from Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, May 29. Pre-race coverage begins at 11am ET, with the green flag scheduled to start the race at approximately 12:45pm ET, on SiriusXM Indycar Nation (SiriusXM channel 160) and NBC Sports Audio (SiriusXM channel 85). SiriusXM Indycar Nation will also air the Indianapolis 500 Carb Day Practice session on Friday at 11:00 am ET.

Two episodes of "Brick by Brick," SiriusXM's Indycar show hosted by 2004 series champion Tony Kanaan and Jack Arute, will air during Indianapolis 500 week. The show will air in its regular timeslot on Wednesday (7-8pm ET) on the NBC Sports Audio channel. On Friday, Kanaan and Arute will host a special three-hour episode of the show from the SiriusXM set (1-4pm ET) outside the Pagoda at Indianapolis Motor Speedway as part of the Carb Day festivities.

Arute and Kanaan -- who won the 2013 Indy 500 and will be competing in the race for the 21st time this weekend when he drives the No. 1 Honda for Chip Ganassi Racing -- will interview many of the drivers in the 2022 Indy 500 field. The show will air Saturday (1:00, 4:00 and 7:00 pm ET) and Sunday (8:00 am ET) on the NBC Sports Audio channel and throughout the weekend on SiriusXM Indycar Nation.

2021 Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves will be competing to be the first driver in history to win a fifth Indy 500 title. SiriusXM will be along for the ride on his historic #drivefor5 as the co-title sponsor of the No. 06 AutoNation/SiriusXM Honda he drives for Meyer Shank Racing. SiriusXM will also co-sponsor the No. 60 Indy car driven by his MSR teammate, 2019 Indy 500 winner and 2016 NTT Indycar Series champion Simon Pagenaud.

SiriusXM's Listen Free event runs from May 26 through June 6, so everyone can listen to the SiriusXM Indycar Nation channel and SiriusXM's coverage of the Indianapolis 500.

Alpha Media/San Jose Names Bo Matthews as P&O Director

Bo Matthews
Bo Matthews

Alpha Media/San Jose, home of KBAY-FM and KKDV-FM (Bay Country) and KEZR-FM (Mix 106.5), appoints Bo Matthews as Programming & Operations Director of the cluster. He previously served as interim Program Director for for the local San Jose group over the last seven months while simultaneously handling Operations Manager duties for the company's clusters in Canton and Dayton, OH. Prior to his service with Alpha Media, Matthews held several programming leadership post in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Florida with iHeartMedia.

Matthews said, "We have been doing such great work together for the past several months, it made perfect sense to keep this mojo rockin'. Mix is already a top performer in the Bay and I couldn't be more excited about diving in headfirst with Bay Country. I've always been envious of Country stations because of the special relationship between Nashville artists and radio. I've had so many friends succesfuly make the transition to Country radio from other formats and am thrilled about this opportunity."

Alpha Media Silicon Valley Market Manager David Drutz shared, "I've had the pleasure of working with Bo during the last seven months and witnessed his tremendous skill set in action as we flipped 94.5 KBAY FM from classic hits to Bay Country while also maintaining Mix 106.5's success. He's absolutely the right person to oversee programming and operations of our two stations as we continue to grow both throughout the Bay Area."

MIW Reveals Mildred Carter Mentoring Program Class of 2022

Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio
Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio

Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio, a charitable organization dedicated to the advancement of female leadership in radio broadcasting, has announced the MIW Mildred Carter Mentoring Program's Class of 2022. A total of four candidates from the radio industry -- within sales, marketing, programming and digital disciplines -- are selected annually for MIW's heritage mentoring program.

Now in its 21st year, this opportunity matches up-and-coming women in radio with female professionals recognized as leaders in all aspects of the industry. Beasley Media Group and Entravision Communications are serving as co-sponsors of this year's program. The 2022 class is comprised of the following broadcast professionals, listed in alphabetical order:

  • Susan Aksu-Magarian, Director of Marketing, Benztown

  • Lindsay High, General Sales Manager, Audacy San Francisco

  • Bri O'Neill, Digital Sales Manager, Leighton Broadcasting Grand Forks, ND

  • Lauren "Lo" Sessions, APD/MD Energy 94.1 and Content Director WE 94.5, Alpha Media, San Antonio, TX

The MIW Group Mildred Carter Mentoring Program is named in the memory of Mildred Carter, who, along with her husband Andrew "Skip" Carter, founded the first African American-owned radio station in the U.S. in 1950, when they turned on KPRS Kansas City, MO. Mrs. Carter ran the Carter Broadcast Group for many years, after the death of Skip Carter, before turning over control of the company to her grandson Michael Carter in 1987.

Lindsay Adams, Chair of the 2022 MIW Mentoring Committee, and a 2006 graduate of the MIW Mildred Carter Mentoring Program said, "We couldn't be happier seeing a year over year increase in the amount of program applicants. The easy part is recognizing a talent and applauding the determination to further develop their career. The hard part is making final decisions from such an incredible pool of candidates. We thank Beasley Media Group and Entravision Communications for their generous support and we can't wait to start working with the Class of 2022."

"It's a privilege to sponsor this year's MIW Radio Group Mildred Carter Mentoring Program," added Beasley Media Group CEO Caroline Beasley. "We're honored to support this outstanding initiative which underscores the values of our company and promotes the advancement of women to senior positions in the radio industry."

"Congratulations to MIW's Class of 2022," said Karina Cerda, EVP of Marketing & Insights for Entravision Communications. "We're excited to support our future female leaders through a program that is so committed to their growth and success."

KFH Celebrates 100 Years of Radio In Wichita KS


KFH-AM & FM/Wichita is celebrating 100 years as Kansas' oldest commercially licensed radio station. Beginning this week, KFH Radio will kick off its 100th anniversary by welcoming special guests as part of its on-air programming. Guests include Sedgwick County commissioner Pete Meitzner; Melodee Eby, late former Program Director Larry Stanley's daughter; mayor of Wichita Brandon Whipple and former station air personality Charles Frodsham, among others.

"As the oldest radio station in Kansas, KFH Radio is very much a key piece of a fabric of this region and the city of Wichita," said Audacy Wichita Senior VP and Market Manager Jackie Wise. "We're honored to have been able to carry that baton for 100 years now, serving our community in key moments throughout history. We're proud of the role we play in Wichita and look forward to celebrating our centennial anniversary alongside our loyal listeners."

The station will also begin airing short form audio clips that spotlight some of the most memorable moments in station and Wichita history, including coverage of World War II, Wichita State University athletics, national attention from the 1938 Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" that aired on the station and more. The station will also pay homage to the past through a historical content series on its Facebook page.

Additionally, the state of Kansas has declared May 26 as "KFH Day," which will recognize the station's place in Wichita history and the role it plays in the community. The city of Wichita and Sedgwick County will also both conduct a proclamation to recognize the station's 100-year anniversary. The Sedgwick County Historical Museum will feature an exhibit to highlight KFH Radio.

Also on May 26, KFH Radio will help induct the station's late former sports director Larry Stanley into the Wichita Sports Hall of Fame. The induction will be done on air during the station's morning show "Sports Daily" with Bruce Haertl and Jacob Albracht at 10am CT. Stanley was the station's first Sports Director from 1939 to 1949.

KFH Radio, first known as WEAH, was launched on May 26, 1922 for the purpose of broadcasting crop and market reports. It is the oldest commercially licensed radio station in Kansas, was the first station in Kansas to add FM to its broadcast service and the first radio station in Kansas to originate a network broadcast that was carried nationwide.

Two New Studies Reveal Growing Interest in Cryptocurrency

Cumulus Media
Cumulus Media

Two new studies commissioned by the Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group reveal a growing consumer interest in cryptocurrency. The first study was conducted by MARU/Matchbox in January 2022 among 1,023 average Americans. The second study was completed by MESH Experience in December 2021 on behalf of a major financial firm focused on high investable asset individuals who have at least $500,000 of investments. This week's blog outlines the key findings.

  • 26% of Americans have researched using cryptocurrency as a form of investment; The 21% of Americans who intend to invest in the next six months skew male, 18-49, and over index on podcasts, social media and AM/FM radio.

  • Among individuals with $500,000 of investable assets, cryptocurrency intenders skew young: 57% of crypto intenders who are high investable asset consumers are 35-54.

  • Crypto intenders who are among the high investable asset segment over index on AM/FM radio and are far less likely to be TV viewers. MESH Experience finds that high investable asset consumers who intend to invest in crypto are much more likely to be employed.

  • 19% of Americans say they are extremely or very familiar with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum: Podcast listeners (31% extremely/very familiar), heavy AM/FM radio listeners (25%), and heavy social media users (24%) show greater awareness than the total U.S.

  • Robinhood, Coinbase and Crypto.com are the three best known cryptocurrency exchanges with stronger awareness among social and audio listeners.

  • Risk is the biggest reason people don't plan to invest: Advertising copy for TV and AM/FM radio needs to acknowledge risk concerns.

  • Current crypto media plans are split between TV and social media. Based on the media habits of crypto intenders, the optimal media plan allocation is social (43%), audio (37%) and TV (19%).

  • The leading podcast genres for crypto media plans include News/Current Events, Sports, Music, Entertainment/Culture, Politics, and Comedy.

  • Male-skewing formats such as News/Talk, Rock, and Classic Rock make up the top three AM/FM radio programming formats for a crypto buy; closely following in allocation are Top 40, R&B & Hip Hop, Oldies Classic Hits, Adult Contemporary, and Sports.


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