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New Additions to AOB 23rd Annual Pre-CRS Seminar
RADIO ONLINE | Tuesday, February 14, 2017 | 5:19pm CT

Country radio consultants Mike O'Malley and Becky Brenner have added to the list of speakers at their 23rd annual Pre-CRS seminar, taking place on Wednesday, February 22 in Nashville from 10am-1:30pm. The A&O&B team will present the first highlights from their 12th annual online perceptual study, "Roadmap 2017," including Country P1 trends in music tastes, digital consumption, social networking and more. Data from 10,000 country P1's from across the U.S and Canada will be included.

Futuri Media CEO Daniel Anstandig will share insights regarding the importance of Radio having a strong Mobile strategy. this includes best practices, new features and the most effective ways to distribute content on mobile. Plus, a look at Futuri's most recent data on podcasting and on-demand audio among country listeners.

John Marks, Spotify's Global Head of Country Programming and former Sirius XM Senior Director of Country Programming, will address, among other things, the importance of Music Discovery -- something that he spearheaded while at SiriusXM. He's also uniquely qualified to examine the differences and synergies between radio, satellite and streaming services.

"For 23 years this has been one of the most special half days of any conference. The pace is quick, the speakers have come from country radio as well as businesses as diverse as Starbucks and politics," said O'Malley. "It's a half-day of thought-provoking and actionable sessions that help set the stage for CRS."

Brenner added, "Radio prides itself on innovation, creation and preservation. Our job is to make sure stations have the tools to accomplish all three. Tools that help the station generate successful ratings and increase revenue. It is an opportunity to share, learn, grow and re-energize for the new year!"

The A&O&B Pre-CRS Seminar is free and is open to all clients, as well as to broadcasters in non-competitive situations. You can RSVP to

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