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TTWN Partners with Trafficcast for Trafficcarma App
RADIO ONLINE | Thursday, April 20, 2017 |11:07am CT

Total Traffic & Weather Network (TTWN) has announced an exclusive nationwide agreement with TrafficCast, a provider of digital traffic information and technology. In the multi-year partnership, TTWN will serve as the exclusive U.S. radio and television distributor and marketing partner for TrafficCast's new smartphone app, TrafficCarma.

TrafficCarma is a free commuter-focused app designed to deliver personalized, real-time traffic information to help drivers pick the best route for their daily commute, and then update the route while drivers are on it.

TrafficCarma is exclusively available through TTWN for radio and television broadcasters in the U.S. The white-labeled traffic app is customizable for each station, and can be used in concert with existing broadcast traffic services or as a stand-alone product, to further extend media partners' traffic brands on to the smartphone and serve as a new digital revenue stream.

"We are thrilled to exclusively offer radio and television broadcasters nationwide the dynamic new traffic app, TrafficCarma," said Jack Dunkle, SVP of Affiliate Sales for Total Traffic & Weather Network. "TrafficCarma provides commuters with the real-time traffic information they need to quickly make the best daily route decisions, and extends our media partners traffic brands with a new digital revenue source."

"With existing relationships in over 200 broadcast markets, it was clear the TTWN team would be the leading partner to bring this valuable traffic tool to the broadcast community. And, the inclusion of TTWN's award-winning, real-time incident data enhances our existing TrafficCarma product even further," said Sil Scaglione, EVP, General Manager, TrafficCarma.

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