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Shazam, Sun Broadcast Group Enter Multi-Year Deal
RADIO ONLINE | Wednesday, September 6, 2017 |12:39pm CT

Sun Broadcast Group and Shazam ink a multi-year contract extension to continue their Shazam for Radio platform. The service allows programing and advertising content on radio stations across America to be recognized by the Shazam app. National brands and stations alike have harnessed the service throughout the past 2 years and it's widely available to nearly 1,000 stations across multiple groups such as Alpha Media, Beasley Broadcasting, Hubbard Communications, Cumulus and CBS Radio.

"We are excited to extend our partnership with Sun Broadcast Group," said Shazam Chief Revenue Officer Greg Glenday. "We are always looking for ways to deliver a great music-discovery experience, and Sun Broadcast Group helps us achieve that. Shazam for Radio is a robust platform for listeners - and for labels and advertisers, it yields unparalleled data insights."

"When we launched Shazam for Radio in 2015, I knew we had a game changer on our hands," added Sun Broadcast Group CEO Jason Bailey. "With over a half million Shazams, countless forward-thinking advertisers and mounds of incredible data that we've gained on over the air radio listeners... there's simply nothing better for the future of our industry than Shazam for Radio."

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