Buyers Rely More on Web Ads, 46% Using Radio More

A new LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Poll found that 92% of ad buyers are now incorporating Internet ads into their media campaigns, while 88% are using print ads. 46% of advertisers use radio, even with television, while 39% use digital advertising and mobile ads. 46% of the radio buyers say they're using radio more than in 2008, but 43% are using radio less.

74% of those using Internet ads say they're using it more often than a year ago, and 69% of digital advertisers say they're using those ads more often than in 2008. 48% say their TV buys are steady, and 38% are using TV less. Print ads dropped substanially to 49%, while 41% are keeping their print ad use steady.

80% of consumers surveyed said that ads that expand on a web page and cover the content is very frustrating. 76% say the same about pop-ups, and two-thirds are very frustrated by ads that open on mouseover. 60% declared it was "very frustrating" about animated ads that launch automatically and ads with music or loud soundtracks.

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