HD Radio Electronic PGM Guide Moves to Field Trial

A field trial of an HD Radio Electronic Program Guide (EPG) ecosystem for AM and FM is now underway in Boston. The field trial is being conducted as part of an NAB Fastroad project to develop the business requirements, system architecture and specifications of an EPG-an interactive, on-screen guide for HD Radio programming. Stations from the markets adjacent to Boston including Worcester and Providence will also be involved.

BIA Advisory Services and Broadcast Signal Lab are the managers for this Fastroad project. Unique Interactive has been contracted to develop EPG service bureau and client software, not only for the HD Radio platform but also for mobile and web browsers. Consumer electronics manufacturer Cydle Corp has joined the project as a partner and is developing a HD Radio device with EPG capabilities.

Given the fast pace at which the broadcast industry is embracing Internet streaming and broadband-based mobile services, EPG has extended its plans to include web access and a mobile application on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Numerous HD Radio broadcasters have agreed to participate in the trial, including stations owned by Greater Media, Clear Channel, CBS, Emerson College and the University of Massachusetts. Other stations are expected to join the trial as it progresses.


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