DAX Inks Deal to Become AccuRadio's U.S. Sales Partner


DAX, a digital audio advertising platform from Global, signs a multi-year deal with AccuRadio, a pureplay online radio service in the U.S. to become AccuRadio's sales partner in the U.S. across all national sales channels, including network radio, national spot radio, digital and programmatic. AccuRadio was previously represented exclusively by Pandora.

"AccuRadio has been around longer than any other pureplay service, and they've been able to grow consistently with the market shifts," said DAX Founder/CEO Matt Cutair. "With the industry's most comprehensive list of unique audio channels, they have a clear understanding of who their audience is and what they like to listen to. Working with AccuRadio allows us to offer brands a highly personalized, highly engaged, well-educated, and affluent audience of 35-54 year olds, typically a demographic that is difficult to reach via online audio."

AccuRadio is one of the last remaining pureplay services to join DAX's roster. For AccuRadio, the deal provides access to DAX, while opening the door for new brands to advertise on the platform and easily measure the performance of their digital audio ad campaigns. AccuRadio joins more than 180 other publisher brands that now sell inventory through DAX worldwide.

"Partnering with DAX ensures that we are connecting our loyal audience to the brands that are most closely aligned with their tastes and needs," said AccuRadio Founder/CEO Kurt Hanson. "As someone who has closely followed the shifts in our industry, I understand the importance of evolution and putting consumers' needs first. DAX's network and quality of relationships makes them a strong choice as a partner, and we look forward to working with them to continue improving the experience for our listeners."

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