Sandusky/Seattle Goes Commercial w/Quu Platform

Sandusky's radio group in Seattle is the first to commercially launch a new technology platform that makes commercials and programming fully interactive, creating an Internet-like experience. Quu (pronounced queue), developed by Quu Inc., provides commercial radio with interactive advertising and couponing, on-demand radio commerce, content tagging, and social media.

"As we prepare for the second decade of the 21st century, the world of media is changing all around us. We can do one of two things -- either embrace these new opportunities or die a slow death," said VP/General Manager Marc Kaye. "Quu provides an additional and significant level of engagement and whose ROI is more readily documented -- a greater advertiser requirement in this brave new world."

QUU is one of the first scalable solutions that make radio and its advertising interactive. The system's launch follows a six-month test that began in August, 2008.


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