Wife of former WTKS/Orlando Middayer Changes Tune

The wife of former WTKS-FM (Real Radio 104.1)/Orlando midday host Shannon Burke, Catherine, told the Orlando Sentinel that she had stopped any divorce proceedings and is "committed to being his wife." Burke was arrested May 1 on charges related to shooting both his wife and her dog, which his wife is now calling an accident. He still faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and animal cruelty.

Burke was released on $25,000 bail under the conditions that he gets psychological help and stays away from drugs, alcohol, guns and his wife. Burke, 44, is accused of grabbing his wife's dog in a fit of rage in their bedroom and shooting it. The bullet wounded the dog's back leg then hit Burke's wife, leaving a long shallow groove along the right side of her head. She was temporarily hospitalized.

Catherine Burke initially said Burke was angry that night, and had told her he was going to shoot her dog and make her watch, then he did, according to paperwork she filed a few days later, asking a judge to keep him away from her. Now, she has no idea whether the couple can salvage their marriage, but she said she wants to try.

Shannon Burke is also serving 12 months of probation because of an alcohol-related driving arrest in Orange County in 2007. His probation officer now says he's violated the terms of his probation by committing a new crime.

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