Velocity Radio Management Partners w/McVay Media

Velocity Radio Management, headed buy CEO Tony Renda Jr., signs a partnership deal with McVay Media to provide VRM's clients with Programming, Promotion and Marketing. In June, VRM inked a similar partnership with Emmis Interactive to help the firm's radio clients "capitalize on the growth of the interactive sector."

"McVay Media is a perfect fit for Velocity's model for running radio stations," commented Renda. "We've all watched the current economic conditions dictate more centralized programming: Bigger decisions are being made by fewer individuals. These broad strokes require scrutiny and oversight by a consultant with tremendous experience and vision, and that's Mike McVay."

"Hundreds of radio stations across the country and the globe use McVay Media's programming, coaching and promotional resources to grow their audience. I'm looking forward to working with Velocity Radio Management and their clients to turn our ratings into revenue." added McVay.

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