Radio Groups Ready if Fire Damages Mt. Wilson Sites

Firefighters continue to hover around Mount Wilson as the wildfires came within a half-mile of a historic solar observatory and the multiple towers and FM transmitters that provide FM radio, TV and cellular communications to the region. Firefighters were allowed back on the mountain for the first time Tuesday to create firelines and backfires. Meanwhile, radio broadcasters are preparing for the worst.

Clear Channel said it had backup plans for KIIS-FM, KBIG-FM, KOST-FM and KHHT-FM. CBS Radio has plans are in place to use backup sites for KCBS-FM, KTWV-FM, KTLK-FM and KRTH-FM. KRTH and KTWV have already moved to a backup site, while co-owned KROQ is on another mountain. KKGO-FM (Go Country) would temporarily move to 1260 and 540 AM.

There are no AM station towers on Mount Wilson, but it is home to several television stations. Firefighters are dropping flame retardant as needed on the 5700-foot peak.

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