Media Blogger For KOMY-AM/Santa Cruz Middays

Starting today (1/7/13), San Francisco 415 Media Blogger Rich Lieberman will be taking over the 1-4pm shift on Innovative Independent Radio Station KOMY AM 1340/Santa Cruz, CA. After only 12 shows in off-peak hours, owner Michael Zwerling offered Lieberman the midday slot.

"Actually it only took one or two shows to make it clear to ME that Rich should NOT be bottled up at night on the weekends, but it's difficult to get anything meaningful done during the holiday period."

Zwerling, who fancies himself as the "proud independent cuss owner" of two commercial radio broadcast stations, KSCO AM 1080 (10KW NewsTalk) and KOMY AM 1340, sees Lieberman as a budding superstar in the growing-like-wildfire new media industry.

"Rich has been blogging about media, sports, and entertainment for more than a decade and has built an amazing audience, including MANY famous people who crave mentions and acknowledgement by this new media sensation. This reminds me of how people would die to be mentioned in Herb Caen's column in the San Francisco Chronicle for nearly half a century."

"Because Rich is so well-read and well-rounded, coupled with the fact that he is articulate as a speaker as well as a writer AND has a great set of pipes, a talk radio broadcast/online program hosted by this man is a no-brainer", said Zwerling, who funds his media operations through an innovative, other-than-traditional-advertising revenue method that he developed. Zwerling joked, "Heck if I play my cards right, maybe I (or KSCO or KOMY) will get mentioned in Rich's blog!"


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