Maranville Sues Cross Platform Media for Back Wages

Tim Maranville
Tim Maranville

Former Cross Platform Media (CPM) Chief Content Officer and Director of Channel Development Tim Maranville (pictured) has filed suit against CPM, which is also the parent company of USA Radio Networks. The former Westwood One VP/Programing claims in the suit that he was mislead by CEO Sam Hassell about the capitalization of the company and is now seeking back wages for he and wife Elizabeth, who was also employeed by CRMG.

Between January, 2015, and August, 2015, Tim Maranville was paid a net salary of $25,683, but alleges he should have been paid $58,599. Between January, 2015, and August, 2015, Elizabeth Maranville was paid a net salary of $14,190, but the suit alleges she should have been paid $27,201. Since August 2014, both Maranvilles allege they had not received all compensation owed from CPM, despite the fact that he continued to work fulltime, until his resignation on August 8 and hers on August 26.

Maranville also claims that CPM failed to reimburse him for relocation expenses up to $12,000, while failing to provide the opportunity to participate in CPM's 401(k) savings plan and provide equivalent health insurance benefits.

The suit seeks out-of-pocket expenses for insurance and unpaid wages that exceed $10,000 and for punitive damages, as well as a jury trial.

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