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SourceAudio Launches Service
RADIO ONLINE | Wednesday, December 6, 2017 | 0:38am CT
SourceAudio, a white label music DAM platform, launches, a new subscription-based service meant to simplify the difficulties of obtaining the licenses necessary for podcast use by bundling the master use, synchronization, mechanical and direct performance licenses into a single monthly transaction. And, once a podcast episode is produced, there are no additional royalties -- eliminating music-related worries forever.

Creatively and legally, provides simple steps for podcast producers to have easy, efficient access to a broad range of music with an unlimited use of over 500,000 music beds and sound effects from music libraries such as Manhattan Production Music, Strike Audio, Alibi Music Library and Sound Ideas.

SourceAudio EVP/Radio and Library Services Douglas Reed said, "Podcasting is a unique business, and it required a specialized solution. It took us over a year of research to put together this exciting new service. We have perfected a soup-to-nuts e-commerce platform by which to distribute and track music for use specifically within podcasts."

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