Local Radio Networks Shifts to Skyview Networks

LRN, Skyview and ABC Radio
LRN, Skyview and ABC Radio

Local Radio Networks (LRN) is collaborating with Skyview Networks and ABC Radio. As part of the deal, Skyview Networks will provide its satellite distribution platform and become the network sales partner for LRN's 24/7 music formats including AC, Country, CHR and Rock along with localization, major market talent, large libraries and uncompressed audio. ABC Radio will provide resources for additional programming opportunities. The agreement begins January 1, 2019.

"This is really an exciting time for Local Radio Networks. Launching this relationship with ABC Radio and Skyview Networks allows us to expand our 24/7 programming footprint and distribute our music formats with dual delivery platforms of cloud-based and now satellite delivery via XDS smart receivers to potentially thousands of stations, effortlessly and efficiently," said LRN CEO Steve Swick. "Steve Jones and ABC Radio bring some very special content opportunities to the table, as well."

"We're very pleased to welcome LRN to the Skyview family and deepen our relationship with ABC Radio. Skyview is in a tremendous period of growth, which is a result of dynamic partnerships and investments," added Skyview Networks President Ken Thiele. "Our next-generation distribution technology allows us to provide the marketplace and local owners new and better 24/7 music formats from LRN, which is great news for the industry."

"ABC Radio and Skyview welcome LRN. From a network sales perspective, we are experiencing heavy inventory demand and LRN's music formats and market reach help deliver on the entertainment experiences brands are seeking," said Skyview Networks Executive VP/GM Jeanne-Marie Condo. "At Skyview one of our strengths is providing advertisers custom integrations. LRN's dynamic personalities really allow us to double-down and provide clients more of what they want."

Earlier this year, LRN and ABC News Radio initiated their relationship with an arrangement to deliver ABC's news to LRN affiliates.

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