Laura Wasser Debuts ''Divorce Sucks!'' on PodcastOne


Family law attorney, author and founder of divorce platform "It's Over Easy," Laura Wasser signs with PodcastOne. The "Divorce Sucks!" podcast will make its debut on the podcast network Monday, September 17. Under the partnership, the program will now be released weekly as Wasser welcomes opinionated men and women, thought-leaders and celebrities to talk breaking up, getting divorced and moving on. Monday's episode will feature guest Kris Jenner.

"I believe in what you're doing, and you were right when you named your book 'It Doesn't Have to Be That Way' because it doesn't. I remember the first time I heard that. I was so excited because you have the most amazing spirit and energy and way about you that I think that you are in the perfect position in life to do what you're doing for others because you really do want a happy ending - no matter if the people are together, you just want the ending to be okay," commented Jenner.

"I'm incredibly excited to have begun working with the PodcastOne team and share our Divorce Sucks! subjects with a broader and more diverse audience," added Wasser. "How fitting that this partnership is launched with the Kris Jenner episode? As a businessperson, a parent and one who has braved and conquered new beginnings in many instances, Kris is an inspiration personally and professionally."

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