WBEB-FM/Philadelphia Returns to ''B101'' Branding


After five years as "101.1 More FM," WBEB-FM/Philadelphia returns to its former name "B101," but little else about the station will change, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. The Entercom AC outlet rebranded to "More FM" in December, 2013. The B101 name debuted in 1993. Prior to that, the newspaper reports, was known as "Eazy 101" and WDVR. Despite the change, a spokesperson said, the station will not change its on-air presentation, personality lineup, or content strategy.

The rebranding was instead a "natural choice that honors the station as one of the most beloved and recognized in broadcast history," a spokesperson told the Inquirer. The move comes following Entercom's purchase of B101 back in July, when former owner Jerry Lee Radio sold the station for $57.5 million.

"During its storied history, B101 was the most aggressively marketed radio station in the country," a statement from WBEB read. "Our plan is to continue investing in Philadelphia's most-listened-to radio station."

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