iHM/Los Angeles, Dr. Wendy Walsh Launch Original Podcast

Dr. Wendy Walsh
Dr. Wendy Walsh

Dr. Wendy Walsh, Psychologist and relationship guru at iHeartMedia's KFI-AM/Los Angeles, announces the launch of the new iHeartRadio original podcast, "Mating Matters," beginning February 10th on the iHeartRadio Podcast Network. The program explores human behavior through a lens of reproduction, showing that even when people are not thinking about sex, programming makes us respond to mating cues that impact just about every decision we make.

Dr. Walsh explained, "Let's face it, we are wired to reproduce. So powerful is this instinct that it has secretly embedded itself in almost every human behavior." Walsh continues, " But we are so used to being human and hanging out with humans that most people can't see it. Listen to Mating Matters podcast and you'll understand yourself a little better."

Walsh is an author, professor and host at KFI, she has a Ph.D. In Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Evolutionary Psychology and Attachment Theory. She is also a television journalist, and was named one of Time Magazine's Persons of the Year in 2017 as her voice helped pave the way for the #MeToo movement.

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