Skyview Networks Announces Promotions in New Network Unit

Skyview Networks
Skyview Networks

Skyview Networks, audio sales partner to networks such as ABC Radio and CBS Audio, announces the promotion of ten-year company veteran Joe Felz to Vice President of Production. Also rising is Client Service Director Denise Krause to Senior Director of Client Services and Co-Chair Promotions. Ethan Aragon, who has overseen client integrations for ABC Radio in his five years with the company becomes Senior Director of Client Services. The promotions are meant to elevate its sales initiative and support the recent additions of Local Radio Networks (LRN) and Alpha Media to its portfolio.

"I am truly impressed by the leadership and dedication that our talented individuals have delivered throughout their tenure at Skyview. They've all put in exceptional hours launching our network additions and each bring a unique skill set to the team, which has strongly contributed to the success of the company. We are confident in their drive to succeed in these new roles and look forward to their accomplishments," commented Skyview Networks Executive VP/GM Jeanne-Marie Condo.

Additionally, sales team veteran Alex Warrick is named Director of Agency Services. Mary Stoddard, a radio industry veteran, is appointed Client Service Director and Co-Chair Promotions position.

"I am continually impressed by our team. With each new exciting turn in the business, our employees have risen to the occasion, striving for excellence," said Skyview Networks President Ken Thiele. "These individuals have the best interest of not only the company, but their colleagues and clients at heart, and I am so proud to see their careers expand at Skyview."

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