Bill O'Reilly Debuts New 15-Minute Daily Radio Program

Key Networks has launched Bill O'Reilly's new 15-minute daily radio program, "The O'Reilly Update" on over 100 radio stations across the U.S. Among the show's inaugural station affiliates are: WBAL, Baltimore, MD; WDTK, Detroit, MI: WHK, Cleveland, OH; KUFO, Portland, OR; and KTSA, San Antonio, TX.

"The O'Reilly Update" cuts through the anonymous sources and phony stories dominating today's news cycle and brings O'Reilly's trademark "no spin" analysis to listeners across the U.S. in a unique format made for appointment listening.

"Polls show most Americans no longer trust the news media and with good reason; it's hard to get accurate information," said O'Reilly. "The O'Reilly Update will bring relief. Solid facts, pithy analysis, important things you might not know - all will be part of the broadcast everyday. Plus, it's fun to listen to."

Rob Koblasz, Chief Executive Officer, Key Networks, said: "We are thrilled to partner with so many great radio stations across the U.S. to bring Bill O'Reilly back to radio."

Dennis Green, Chief Revenue Officer, Key Networks, said: "The response to the return of Bill O'Reilly to radio with The O'Reilly Update has been phenomenal. Around the country from coast-to-coast, stations are delighted to have Bill's voice delivering insightful and timely commentary on the news impacting our world!"


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