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FCC Daily Digest

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Public Notices

Released: 2020-09-29. WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS BUREAU OPENS WINDOW FOR ELIGIBLE C-BAND SATELLITE OPERATORS TO ACCOUNT FOR EARTH STATION LUMP SUM ELECTIONS IN THEIR TRANSITION PLANS. (DA No. 20-1141). (Dkt No 18-122 20-173). WTB opens a limited window for eligible space station operators in the 3.7-4.2 GHz band to amend their final Transition Plans to reflect lump sum elections and other approved earth station updates. WTB. Contact: Anna Gentry at (202) 418-7769, email: Anna.Gentry@fcc.gov. DA-20-1141A1

Report No: 29833. Released: 2020-09-29. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-367171A1

Report No: 49833. Released: 2020-09-29. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-367170A1

Report No: PN-3-200929-01. Released: 2020-09-29. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-367188A1


Report No: PN-1-200929-01. Released: 2020-09-29. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-367186A1

Report No: PN-2-200929-01. Released: 2020-09-29. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-367187A1

Released: 2020-09-28. WIRELINE COMPETITION BUREAU EXTENDS THE COVID-19 TELEHEALTH PROGRAM SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 PURCHASE AND IMPLEMENTATION DEADLINE. (DA No. 20-1139). (Dkt No 20-89). WCB. Contact: Rashann Duvall at (202) 418-1438, email: Rashann.Duvall@fcc.gov. DA-20-1139A1

Released: 2020-09-28. ESTIMATE OF SYSTEMS OF COMPETITIVE BIDDING FOR FISCAL YEAR 2021. (DA No. 20-1140). The Office of Economics and Analytics provides an estimate regarding upcoming systems of competitive bidding that may be initiated during the 12-month period following September 30, 2020. OEA. DA-20-1140A1

News Releases

WHAT THEY'RE SAYING ABOUT CHAIRMAN PAI'S PLAN TO FREE UP THE 3.45-3.55 GHZ BAND FOR 5G. Chairman Pai's 3.45-3.55 GHz Proposal Will Enable Faster Deployment of 5G Technologies. by News Release. OMR OCHAP WTB. DOC-367195A1


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