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FCC Daily Digest

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Public Notices

Report No: PN-1-221129-01 . Released: 2022-11-29. APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-389568A1

Report No: PN-2-221129-01. Released: 2022-11-29. ACTIONS. MB. DOC-389569A1

Report No: PN-3-221129-01 . Released: 2022-11-29. PLEADINGS. MB. DOC-389570A1

Released: 2022-11-29. INFORMAL WORKING GROUP 1, INFORMAL WORKING GROUP 2, INFORMAL WORKING GROUP 3, AND INFORMAL WORKING GROUP 4 OF THE WORLD RADIOCOMMUNICATION CONFERENCE ADVISORY COMMITTEE SCHEDULE THEIR MEETINGS. (DA No. 22-1204). (Dkt No 16-185). IB. Contact: Dante Ibarra, Dante.Ibarra@fcc.gov or WRC-23@fcc.gov (telephone: 202-418-0610). DA-22-1204A1


Report No: 50374. Released: 2022-11-29. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB. DOC-389510A1

Report No: 30374. Released: 2022-11-29. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB. DOC-389511A1

Released: 2022-11-28. DOMESTIC SECTION 214 APPLICATIONS GRANTED FOR THE TRANSFER OF CONTROL OF ADVANCED NETWORK COMMUNICATIONS, L.L.C. (DA No. 22-1228). (Dkt No 22-14 22-144 22-249). WCB. Contact: Gregory Kwan at (202) 418-1191. DA-22-1228A1


WINNEBAGO TRIBE OF NEBRASKA, ORDER AND CONSENT DECREE. The Media Bureau enters into a Consent Decree with Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Action by: Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. Adopted: 2022-11-29 by Order/Consent Decree. (DA No. 22-1229). MB. DA-22-1229A1

PRESCOTT VALLEY BROADCASTING CO. INC., KPPV(FM), PRESCOTT VALLEY, ARIZONA. MB dismisses without prejudice petition for reconsideration filed by Prescott Valley Broadcasting Co. Inc. Action by: Chief, Audio Division, Media Bureau. by LETTER. (DA No. 22-1230). MB. DA-22-1230A1


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