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Univision Radio Debuts ''El Bueno, La Mala, Y El Feo''
RADIO ONLINE | Monday, December 2, 2013 | 3:11pm CT

Univision Radio launches "El Bueno, La Mala, y El Feo," (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) a music-intensive Regional Mexican radio show with a blend of humor, social sarcasm and interviews. The show, hosted by Raul Molinar (aka El Bueno), Sylvia del Valle (aka La Mala) and Andres Maldonado (aka El Feo), premiered Monday on KSCA/Los Angeles, KLTN/Houston, KROM/San Antonio, KBNA/El Paso and KGBT/McAllen-Brownsville, TX.

"As our audiences' preferences continue to evolve, we need to find new and creative ways to entertain and engage them," said Univision Radio Executive VP/Content and Entertainment Evan Harrison. "El Bueno, La Mala, y el Feo is the answer -- this incredibly dynamic team will really resonate with regional Mexican music lovers who also enjoy real people they can relate to."

Molinar most recently served as an air personality with Univision Radio's KLNO in Dallas. del Valle was an air personality known as "La Bronca" on "La Numero Uno" in Los Angeles. Maldonado, was the recognized Los Angeles radio voice for KSCA in California.

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