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EnvisionVirtualServices Hires News Anchor Byrne
RADIO ONLINE | Tuesday, June 27, 2017 |6:58pm CT

Kristin Byrne
Kristin Byrne
Kristin Byrne returns to the team of reporters at Envision Virtual Services News Reports. The news service provides custom local news, written and voiced by remote reporters. Byrne is an Emmy-award winning TV journalist with more than a decade of TV anchoring and reporting in several markets including Miami and Cleveland. She just recently signed on as a fill-in traffic anchor for WLS-TV in Chicago. Byrne was one of the first featured reporters to sign on with Envision Virtual Services News Reports and has provided news reports for radio stations all over the country.

"I'm proud to say I was a part of Virtual News when it first got off the ground," said Byrne. "The talent of anchors and reporters working for this service is a big reason why it's a huge success. I'm thrilled to be among these hard working broadcasters. Envision set the standard once again!"

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