Veritone Inks Deal With ART19 for Ad Targeting in Podcasting

Veritone, Inc. has announced an agreement with ART19, a leading podcast hosting, content management, monetization, and measurement platform, to use aiWARE, making it possible for ART19's advertising partners to target ads based on the content of an individual podcast episode.

"ART19 knows podcast advertising works, and advertisers know that ads can be incredibly successful if they're reaching the right listeners at the right time," said Lex Friedman, chief revenue officer at ART19. "By adding aiWARE to our platform, we're empowering buyers to target ads to consumers based on the content of the episode they're listening to. Listeners appreciate contextual and relevant ads - and that means they pay more attention to them."

The ART19 sales team will be able to place contextually relevant advertisements within the podcast based on its subject matter. Programmatic digital audio ad serving generally allows advertisers to reach users based on a combination of targetable attributes derived from first-party and third-party user data (such as zip code, age, gender, device ID, or internet browsing behavior).

"We're always looking for powerful tools that benefit everyone in our ecosystem to keep pushing podcasting forward - for publishers, advertisers, and listeners alike," Friedman added. "aiWARE will lead to contextually relevant ads, which will serve publishers well in terms of revenue; yield great results for advertisers; and provide listeners with ads that feel native, custom, and in line with their interests."


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