More Than 235 Million Listen to Radio Every Week

Radio reaches more than 235 million persons ages 12 and older during a typical week, or 92% of listeners 12+, according to the RADAR 101 National Radio Listening Report which is due out a week from Monday on June 22. These listeners tune to the more than 7,700 RADAR Network affiliated stations, up from 210 million listeners one year ago in RADAR 97.

Since the December, 2007 RADAR 95 report, national radio listening estimates and network radio audience reports have been based on PPM data from within commercialized PPM markets and on diary respondents from the balance of the U.S. The combination of PPM and diary respondents have shown more listeners to radio over the course of a week versus the 2007 RADAR listening reports which were based on diary respondents alone.

As additional radio markets transition to electronic measurement, Arbitron says that total radio reach is revealed to be larger than in previous surveys. Listening to RADAR Network Affiliate stations has also risen year over year. Over the course of a typical week, more than 213 million persons age 12 and older listen to network radio, up from 210 million a year earlier.

92% of Black Non-Hispanic persons and 93% of Hispanic persons, age 12 and older, tune into radio over the course of a week. Radio reaches about 93% of both Black Non-Hispanics and Hispanics age 18-49 over the course of a week. It also reaches more than 94%of college graduates ages 25-54.

Continuing the sample increase initiative, the sample size for RADAR 101 is now composed of 330,182 respondents.


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