Arbitron Ids Market-Level CPO Household Estimates

Arbitron announced Thursday, that for the first time, it has compiled population estimates for cell-phone-only (CPO) households down to the local market level. Based on survey data for Arbitron's 151 diary markets combined with the National Health Interview Survey, the ratings company estimates that CPO penetration rates vary from as low as 5% in Hamptons, NY, to as high as 38% in Bryan-College Station, TX.

"We believe Arbitron is the first market researcher to track market-level cell-phone-only penetration," said Executive VP/Customer Solutions Bob Henrick. "We use the county-level CPO penetration results from our sampling operations as a building block to produce metro-level CPO penetration estimates.

Arbitron introduced CPO sampling in 151 diary markets with its Spring 2009 survey to enable measurement of people who have "cut the cord" and can not be reached by landline. All Portable People Meter panels include cell-phone-only households.

Cell phone penetration estimates are based on more than 154,000 surveys that Arbitron has received from households in 151 diary markets.


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