Univision Won't Renew PPM Contracts with Arbitron

Spanish-language broadcaster Univision Radio will not renew contracts for Arbitron's Portable People Meter ratings in San Diego, Miami and Phoenix, the ratings firm disclosed in a second-quarter earnings conference call on Tuesday. Also, Univision has refused to encode its signals for PPM in the three markets.

Univision is a member of the PPM Coalition, which also includes NABOB, the Spanish Radio Association, MMTC, American Hispanic Advertising Association, Border Media Partners, Entravision, ICBC Broadcast and Spanish Broadcasting System.

In a filing with the FCC earlier this month, the coalition said that because of PPM, ratings for minority broadcasters in New York have fallen 40-60% since October. The PPMC claims that PPM has several fundamental problems leading to "flawed and unreliable sampling of minority and other audiences."


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