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Study: Radio Elevates Brand Awareness, App Usage
RADIO ONLINE | Thursday, May 18, 2017 | 2:08am CT

A new Nielsen study, commissioned by Westwood One, is demonstrating how radio elevates key brand metrics for a money transfer app. The brand advertised in Westwood One's NFL coverage and saw growth in app awareness, app usage, brand health, and ad recall according to the results published on the Westwood One blog. Radio boosted both brand awareness and app usage as Nielsen found that ads airing in WO's programming generated a 26% increase in app awareness and a 21% increase in usage of the app overall.

Other findings of the Westwood One and Nielsen study include:

  • The NFL radio campaign was memorable, driving significant brand image increases. Among those who were exposed, key image associations grew. Those who heard the campaign were 18% more likely to indicate that the app company offered a "convenient transfer of money." It also saw images of trust and leadership increase.
  • The NFL radio campaign boosted awareness of the entire media plan. Exposure to radio led to far greater recall for all other elements of the media campaign including digital, television, billboard/outdoor, mobile, and print advertising.
  • Radio ads voiced by play-by-play talent performed best. Compared to other ads tested by Nielsen, the creative favorability for ads voiced by radio talent tested off the charts, 60% better than the Nielsen radio creative average.
The study concluded that AM/FM radio elevates app awareness and usage, grows key brand images and perceptions, and boosts the media plan. Radio spots voiced by play-by-play talent also see significant campaign impact.

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