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Adams Radio Begins FM Chip Activation Campaigns

Adams Radio Group has launched a new campaign on every O&Oed station with a promotional audio, web and social media campaign to alert listeners and local communities of the FM chip available, but not active, on cellular phones and to enlist community support for immediate activation. Adams launched "activatefmchipnow.com" with the help of web partner Vipology.com and has populated the site with a sample letter that listeners can use to write to their representatives, FCC members and even Apple.

The site also contains all the information necessary for listeners to contact congresspersons, senators, etc. by email, snail mail and fax along with easy social media posting links. Adams CEO Ron Stone invites all radio stations to use any or all information from the site to launch their own campaigns.

Stone said, "Anything on the site now or anything we add later may be used by anyone to help in this fight to get the FM Chip activated. Links, audio, the site itself. We just want to see broadcasters get in this fight and make this the priority it should have been all along. FM radio is as much a part of our lives today as ever, and should not be left out of such an important utility as the cell phone, especially when the phone was designed to enable it from the beginning."

Stone added, "In light of recent emergency situations in Houston, Florida, The Caribbean and Puerto Rico with hurricanes, millions of people were, and still are, without power and had no ability to keep up with severe weather conditions and emergencies around them. Had the FM chip been activated, they could have used their cell phone to listen to FM Radio and remained aware and alert to conditions at all times. We are extremely excited that Senator Nelson (Florida) and FCC Chairman Pai have begun the conversion in Washington and we hope that many more Congresspersons and Senators will join them to make this FM Chip activation a reality on all smartphones sold in the US before another catastrophe strikes."

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Chuck Powell
Chuck Powell
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Westwood One: Laura Okmin co-hosted Westwood One's Today in PyeongChang, a nightly two-hour live broadcast that airs each day and providing coverage of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games. Pictured is Okmin with alpine skier Lindsey Vonn, who won a bronze medal in the downhill.