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Doug Stephan Adds Joe Crummey Co-Host
RADIO ONLINE | Monday, May 15, 2017 | 1:49am CT

Joe Crummey
Joe Crummey
Syndicated Doug Stephan adds talk host Joe Crummey (pictured) to his DJV crew on Friday mornings, when he reviews the weekly top 10 Talkradio topics and people, as compiled by Crummey is the creator of the podcast "Evil Thoughts, With Joe Crummey" and has served as an on-air host KFI/Los Angeles KFYI/Phones, WABC/New York, KABC/Los Angeles and WNBC/New York.

Stephan commented, "Joe adds a fresh new element of quick humor and eye opening perspectives to our fast-moving 2-hours, of The Talkradio Countdown."

Crummey added, "Working with a professional like Doug, is just about everyone in Talkradio's dream."

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