Susan Platt Joins WJFN's Political Commentary Lineup

Susan Platt
Susan Platt

A voice offering a woman's point of view on politics is joining the airwaves on WJFN-FM/Richmond, VA. Susan Platt, a longtime congressional staff leader and political campaign manager who previously worked for former Vice President Joe Biden during his U.S. Senate tenure, is bringing her "Find Your Roar" hourly interview and news/talk program to WJFN, Saturday mornings from 9-10am ET. The new show is an offshoot of Platt's popular podcast and video series "PLATT-itude: Find Your Roar" that debuted in October.

"As a Democratic woman who has worked at all levels of government for more than 30 years, and has established two organizations dedicated to helping women seek and win election to public office, I know firsthand the power of women finding their personal roar," said Platt. "As recent elections in Virginia have reminded us, there is a diverse and growing chorus of voices yearning to be heard in our political process who want to make our government more representative and responsive to the concerns of the people. It is important that these voices are heard."

She continued, "On 'Find Your Roar,' the voices of women, and a few good men, will be welcomed to the conversation, just as John Fredericks has graciously invited me into the WJFN family to add a unique political perspective to the Virginia airwaves."

Managing Director and host John Fredericks added, "Bringing Susan Platt into the WJFN 100.5 FM programming lineup strengthens our roster of Virginia-based news talk and political analysis. This move demonstrates our commitment to offering fresh and diverse perspectives on the news of the day, and explaining what it means for the way our government functions, and how it impacts people's everyday lives."

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