Casey Kasem's Body is Still Missing

If there was any hope of anything that resembles dignity still possible in the drama-rich death of Casey Kasem, that seems to have been lost this weekend. Not only has it been over a month since Kasem's death with his body still not laid to rest, now Kasem's daughter, Kerri, says her late father's body is missing.

Just as with the numerous disputes over Kasem's end-of-life care between his kids from his first marriage and Kasem's second wife, Jean, the story is a little convoluted. Kerri Kasem got a temporary restraining order this week to prevent Jean from having his remains cremated. However, when her lawyer delivered the order to the Tacoma funeral home that was supposed to have Kasem's body, the establishment informed the lawyer that the body was no longer there.

Apparently Jean Kasem had already filled out paperwork to have her husband's body shipped out of state, listing a funeral home in Montreal as the final destination. But that funeral home says it has no record of that happening. Kerri Kasem's lawyer calls the latest developments, "Pure insanity." In the meantime, Kasem's wife Jean told CNN that the body is not missing but won't say what happened to it.


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