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NextRadio Debuts In-Dashboard Car Radio Integration
RADIO ONLINE | Monday, April 24, 2017 | 1:01pm CT

NextRadio, the radio app that activates a phone's FM chip, announced its new in-dashboard vehicle integration with various car manufacturers and third party integrators at the NAB Show. Powered by TagStation, NextRadio's is now delivering an in-dash entertainment experience, on par with music apps, to smartphones and connected cars that preserves a safe drive with a non-distracting, easy-to-use interface providing access to over 15,000 stations across the U.S.

NextRadio also lead a "Dial Report" session during the show on measuring broadcast radio in a digital world, and demo the global premiere of its upcoming streaming app, bringing radio to devices without FM chips -- coming to market in Summer 2017.

Attendees joined NextRadio President Paul Brenner for his presentation titled, "DSX4r: The NextRadio Dial Report Update: Business of Broadcast - Digital Strategies Exchange for Radio." The Dial Report explores how advertisers, broadcasters, record labels and data companies can acquire and use radio consumption and behavior insights for smarter targeting and faster optimization.

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