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Otto Radio Enables Single Topic Radio Stations
RADIO ONLINE | Wednesday, May 3, 2017 | 12:47pm CT

Otto Radio has launched a new Themed Station feature within its platform, which allows users to create streaming radio stations dedicated to virtually any topic or theme. The company says that this new capability to explore a single subject on a deeper level complements the existing Radio YOU product that generates playlists based on a combination of each listener's unique interests.

For example, Otto Radio can now build dedicated stations that pulls in news, articles and podcasts about topics such as golf, personal finance, food, true crime and more. Listeners can create as many unique stations as they like, listen to them when and where they want, and share all of their Otto Radio stations with friends. Launched in 2015, Otto Radio offers users a way to listen to spoken-word audio -- primarily news and podcasts -- personalized to each listener's unique set of interests.

"We started Otto Radio to answer the question "Can we provide an on-demand experience tailored to each listener's interests,'" said Otto Radio co-founder and CEO Stanley Yuan. "Themed Stations is the natural extension of our first product - a personalized radio station covering all my interests. Now Otto Radio listeners can enjoy that original lean-back option or take a deep dive into virtually any topic their curious about."

In addition to the algorithmically curated Themed Stations, Otto Radio is also launching a set of stations that features additional tastemakers with related subject-matter expertise. For example, Dan Schwartzman of NBC Sports, will be the Station Manager for NBA Radio. There will also be seven other Featured Stations at launch including Money Radio about personal finance, Foodie Radio about cooking in and dining out, and as might be expected, Tech News Radio.

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