SBG to Rep Remote News Services, 140 Characters

Sun Broadcast Group
Sun Broadcast Group

Sun Broadcast Group has announced two new additions to its 2018 lineup. Starting in May, Sun will offer national ad and affiliate sales support for Remote News Service, which provides local, real-time news reports across 14+ major markets. Sun has also expanded its partnership with Envision Networks and will offer ad sales support for the new feature, "140 Characters."

"I met Jason in New York, and from that moment I knew Remote News Service would benefit greatly from his years of experience and from the support of the amazing team he's put together at Sun Broadcast Group. RNS has been growing every year, but I now know we're set to really take off. I can't wait to watch my company grow with Sun," said Remote News Service President Lesley Lotto.

Sun Broadcast Group CEO Jason Bailey added, "In these ever-changing times of digital hyper-awareness, localized content wins every time, and we're thrilled to partner with Lesley and the team at RNS to bring that locality to our national advertisers."

Envision Networks' 140 Characters is a new service featuring celebrity impersonators, voice and character actors as well as pre-written scripts to use for topic starters, phone scams, parodies and more. In addition to this new feature, Sun Broadcast Group currently partners with Envision on various General Market and Hispanic products and services to offer ad sales support, including "6 Second Reviews," "Audio Monky," "Our Auto Expert" and "Collin Raye's Country Rewind."

"We are very excited to keep expanding our partnership with Envision Networks" said Sun Broadcast Group COO Julio Aponte. "Danno and Laura are an extension of our family here at Sun and we are ever grateful for their continued hard work and support."

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