Denver's KFCO-FM (FLO 107.1) Expands Music Format

Max Media Denver's KFCO FLO 107.1 has completed its evolution to a contemporary music position.

"Over the past several months, FLO 107.1 has been spinning the top 10 rhythmic charting songs each week," states Jeff Norman, President/General Manager. "Now, while listeners will not notice a huge difference musically, they will hear even more of what they have been asking for and the overall vibe of the station will certainly move at a faster pace."

"We knew when launching the station as throwback hip-hop in 2015 the music had to evolve over time and once we added Larry Ulibarri and Kathie J as our new morning team the decision was easy to push ahead with more current music."

The newest evolution of FLO 107.1 comes under the guidance of rhythm consultant Michael Newman from Radio Strategies based in Houston, Texas.

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