Beasley Fayetteville Prepares for Arrival of Florence

Beasley Media Group
Beasley Media Group

Beasley Media Group's six outlets in Fayetteville are preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Florence. VP/Market Manager Erika Beasley and Operations Manager Randy Bliss said their stations are in "full preparation mode" and "this is the time we as local broadcasters do what we do best, serve our local communities that we live and work in." The stations have developed a timeline for going into full, wall-to-wall coverage, as well as having TV partners in the Raleigh market that we will be using for additional information.

Essential personnel staff will most likely be coming in Friday morning and staying for some time. The company has made arrangements for water, food and other important necessities.

Additionally, the stations all have newly updated Mobile Apps and are actively pushing downloads of the apps, which will allow folks to stay tuned in even after they lose power. Beasley teams plan to continue to broadcast via streaming should any or all of its stations face off-air situations. It also has a contingency plan to combine some the company's brands into a simulcast at some point in order to consolidate staff and pool efforts together.

Both Foxy 99 and WKML have long relationships with local officials, Police Departments, Charities, City and County Government and Fort Bragg.

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