iHM, HowStuffWorks Announce New Podcast ''Unobscured''


iHeartMedia announces the upcoming launch of "Unobscured," a new podcast produced in collaboration with HowStuffWorks beginning October 3. Just in time for Halloween, "Unobscured will focus on the Salem witch trials. The podcast will be hosted by Aaron Mahnke, host of the podcast "Lore," which is about true life scary stories. This is the second podcast produced by HowStuffWorks that Mahnke will host, the first being "Cabinet of Curiosities."

"Unobscured" host Aaron Mahnke is the creator, producer and host of the podcast "Lore," Executive Producer of the Lore television show on Amazon (from the producers of The Walking Dead) and author of "The World of Lore" book series (Penguin Random House/Del Rey).

"The Salem Witch Trials is one of the most infamous and intriguing areas of U.S. history, and yet there are several critical facets of the story that have never been truly explored," said Mahnke. "Unobscured is a drastically different take on a well-known story, and I hope to shift the perspective not only on what happened there, but why and how."

"This is a momentous time for iHeartMedia and HowStuffWorks, having just joined forces through our acquisition of Stuff Media," said iHeartMedia Executive VP/Podcasting Chris Peterson. "With HowStuffWorks' expert content producers and iHeartMedia's unparalleled reach and expertise in all things audio, the caliber of our collaboratively-produced podcasts will be unprecedented. Unobscured is the introduction to this new chapter in podcasting for iHeartMedia and HowStuffWorks."

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