Dax & Omnicast Media Team Up on Something You Should Know

DAX has signed a deal with OmniCast Media to become the exclusive monetization and distribution partner for the podcast Something You Should Know.

One of the more popular podcasts, Something You Should Know consistently ranks in the top 30 on Apple Podcasts/iTunes and was created/produced by OmniCast Media co-founders Ken Williams and Mike Carruthers. It features top experts in their field and provides listeners with actionable information and advice on a wide variety of topics (saving money, career advice, health, relationships, etc.), which creates a contextual environment for a diverse range of brands. Featured ads are interwoven into the episode in an organic way, creating impactful native content messaging.

The partnership will leverage DAX's reach of millions of unique listeners worldwide and will utilize the platform's sophisticated technical capabilities.

"We are excited to partner with DAX to enhance distribution and monetization opportunities for Something You Should Know. DAX's sophisticated technology platforms will provide multiple solutions for brand involvement with the podcast as well as unparalleled multi-channel distribution and promotional opportunities," said Ken Williams and Mike Carruthers managing partners at OmniCast Media. This will ultimately create increased awareness for Something You Should Know'sbrand sponsors and continue to increase the audience of the podcast, both domestically and internationally."

"Something You Should Know is already a huge success, which we're very excited to bring to the digital audio ecosystem. This partnership creates new opportunities for our existing partners and new advertisers to align with this leading podcast via our market leading digital audio distribution and ad-tech platform said Matt Cutair, CEO of DAX US.

"Something You Should Know has been a core podcast for some of the advertisers we represent, and we've enjoyed the relationship and results we've seen from its audience's response to the brands naturally endorsed in the content. We're excited to work with DAX to continue this relationship and look forward to new opportunities that the platform will bring to us," said Stephen Smyk, SVP of Podcasting for Veritone One.


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