ABC Radio Announces Mueller Podcast ''The Investigation''

ABC Radio
ABC Radio

ABC Radio will launch a new podcast, "The Investigation," on Tuesday, February 12. Hosted by ABC News Correspondent Kyra Phillips and the ABC News investigative team, "The Investigation" will provide a weekly, behind-the-scenes look at Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The free podcast will focus on the lead up to the highly-anticipated report from the Special Counsel and explore its aftermath, analyzing the potential fallout and political consequences.

"We believe 'The Investigation' will provide listeners with valuable information," said ABC News VP and Washington Bureau Chief Jonathan Greenberger. "Through conversation, analysis, exclusive reporting and newsmaker interviews, our team of journalists will closely follow all the latest developments and keep listeners informed every step of the way."

"We've provided extensive coverage of the Mueller probe on our daily podcast 'Start Here,' but there's so much more that Kyra Phillips and our investigative team can provide, that launching a dedicated podcast made spectacular sense," added ABC Radio VP/General Manager Steve Jones. "'The Investigation' will break news, offer context and make our growing ABC Radio podcast network even more attractive for advertisers hoping to reach an informed and engaged audience."

"The Investigation" joins ABC News' roster of political podcasts including "Powerhouse Politics" and "FiveThirtyEight Politics," available to subscribe to for free. ABC News' most recent podcast, The Dropout, is #1 on the Apple Podcasts charts.

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