EDG, SportsGrid Air National Fantasy Baseball Championships

Sportsgrid Elvis Duran Group
Sportsgrid Elvis Duran Group

The Elvis Duran Group and SportsGrid have assembled a team for their Fantasy Sports Radio Network (FNTSY Radio) to broadcast live from the National Fantasy Baseball Championships (NFBC) on Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16. The NFBC is the fantasy baseball industry's league that sets the market each season with the country's best players. The broadcast team includes FNTSY Radio Host, sports analyst and author of the "Fantasy Black" book series Gregg Sussman, Joe Pisapia and former Major League Baseball Pitcher Brad Ziegler. The broadcast will be commercial-free.

EDG Partner/CEO David Katz commented, "It's exciting that in the short time we've been working together, we're able to, for the first time, broadcast from this important event with such a stellar team."

SportsGrid President Louis Maione added, "With industry experts vying for $7,000 league prizes and a $150,000 grand prize, NFBC Fantasy Baseball drafts provide an important benchmark for our listeners, the majority of who will be drafting themselves in the coming days. Providing our audience with the most comprehensive draft information is our mission this time of year and coverage of the NFBC drafts provide a wonderful way to service our loyal listeners."

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